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Accelerating Australia’s clean energy transition

We drive change through policy and advocacy work, collaboration, industry support programs and education
<p>Accelerating Australia’s clean energy transition</p>

Energising Australia

It can be hard to visualise the scale of production and cracking pace at which the renewable energy industry in Australia is already growing.

Our Energising Australia campaign highlights the important work happening all around Australia – through this video series, you can meet the many different people driving our nation-building renewable energy projects, which includes some of the world’s largest infrastructure.

Video of Lucy from WestWind Energy talking about her job as an operator at the Golden Plains wind farm in Victoria.

Help shape Australia's future

Become a member to add your voice to about 1000 companies shaping the direction of clean energy in Australia. Together, we can accelerate the energy transition and bring the benefits of renewables to all Australians.
Help shape Australia's future

Connect with industry leaders

Our events are where industry thought leaders meet, network, and share ideas on accelerating the clean energy transition.
Australian Clean Energy Summit 2024

Australian Clean Energy Summit 2024

16 Jul - 17 Jul 2024
Australian Large-Scale Solar & Storage Summit 2024

Australian Large-Scale Solar & Storage Summit 2024

04 Jun - 05 Jun 2024
Careers for Net Zero QLD Roadshow

Careers for Net Zero QLD Roadshow

06 Aug - 14 Aug 2024
Australian Wind Industry Summit 2024

Australian Wind Industry Summit 2024

09 Sep - 10 Sep 2024
All Energy Australia 2024

All Energy Australia 2024

23 Oct - 24 Oct 2024


of Australia's energy generation came from renewable sources in the last 12 months.


rooftops across Australia have solar panels installed, helping lower electricity bills.


Australian workers are employed directly in the clean energy industry.


Here's what we've been working on recently

Clean Energy Australia Report
This year's comprehensive overview of the Australian clean energy sector found that renewables overall accounted for nearly 40 per cent of Australia’s total electricity supply, while figures for generation capacity added were strong at 5.9 GW.
Power Playbook
Our Power Playbook is a strategic package of 45 recommendations to the Federal Government designed to ensure Australia gets back on track for 82 per cent renewables by 2030 and achieves its ambition of becoming a renewable energy superpower.
Grid Connection Engineer Graduate Program
The Clean Energy Council and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) have teamed up to offer the Grid Connection Engineer Graduate Program, for engineering graduates looking to become grid connection engineers.

Building a clean future together

Electrify your home
By 2030, the average all-electric home with solar and a battery will save $3,500 a year. Find out about getting solar, electric vehicles and more.
Work in renewables
School-leavers or those looking for a career change can use our Careers Guide to find which sectors suit your skills and interests.
Inform yourself
As the peak industry body, we're here to help you understand clean energy technology.