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Decarbonising the economy

Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources provide the foundation to decarbonise our electricity system, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in industry, transport and buildings through electrification, and produce new green commodities that can open up new clean export industries.
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<p>Decarbonising <br>the economy</p>

We advocate for policies that leverage our clean energy advantage.

Backed by strong policy, net-zero aligned industries will flourish for the benefit of all Australians.Our policy and advocacy team works to improve the investment environment for the production of new green commodities and fuel switching across the economy.

The race to net zero is on

Australia, like the rest of the world, needs to urgently slash emissions and reach net zero by 2050 in order to contain the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

In the face of such a goal, there is only one sensible course of action: bold, rapid steps to decarbonise our economy and pursue new markets to underpin economic growth. 

Part of our work is tracking Australia's progress to net zero emissions which you can read about on the following page:

Accelerating the deployment of generation, storage and transmission

Low-cost renewables will be the foundation of Australia's transition to a clean energy economy.

Building robust, ethical supply chains

Ethical, resilient, competitive and efficient supply chains will be crucial to ensuring the transition to renewables is successful and can happen in the required timeframe.

Electrification of buildings and transport

Electrification of homes, businesses, industry and transport, underpinned by renewable energy and storage, is the path forward that Australia needs to be focused on.

Minimising environmental and biodiversity impacts

It is essential that the work of the clean energy transition incurs as little environmental impact as possible, and that appropriate work is carried out to minimise those risks while still accelerating the transition.

Decarbonising heavy industries

Decarbonising industrial processes to leverage new green manufacturing opportunities. Australia will play a key role as a producer and exporter of clean energy products and green value-added commodities.

The majority of our policy work is developed with members in our directorates, with working groups and committees tackling specific challenges.

Members can log in to read more and join this exciting Directorate leading the charge to decarbonise Australia's economy and accelerate the clean energy transition.

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Anna Freeman Policy Director, Decarbonisation
What’s not to love about promoting clean energy developments, which helps the environment, creates jobs and drives regional development?

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As a member of the Clean Energy Council you can join our directorates and working groups, and add your voice to about 1,000 other members shaping the direction of the clean energy industry. Together, we can accelerate the energy transition and bring the benefits of renewables to all Australians.
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