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For consumers

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<p>For consumers</p>

Going electric is happening right now all around Australia.

More Australians are embracing the benefits of solar energy, battery storage and new energy tech to help them reduce their energy bills and emissions.

The Clean Energy Council supports consumers to adopt clean energy through public advocacy, policy development and the administration of consumer protection programs.

Find out more about how you can get solar, batteries and new energy tech for your home, how to resolve complaints about rooftop solar and storage and the Clean Energy Council's work to help accelerate uptake of home solar and storage solutions.


Looking to install rooftop solar and batteries?

Find an Approved Seller with NETCC: search over 1,500 Australian retailers of solar, battery storage, EV chargers and more, committed to consumer protection.

More for consumers

Feedback and complaints

Feedback and complaints

Find out who to talk to if you have a complaint about a renewable energy service or product.
Discover the renewable energy industry

Discover the renewable energy industry

Our entry-level course for those wishing to transition into the clean energy sector.
Check if your installer is accredited

Check if your installer is accredited

Solar Accreditation Australia now offers the service to help you check if your installer is currently accredited.

Energising Australia

It can be hard to visualise the scale of production and cracking pace at which the renewable energy industry in Australia is already growing.

Our Energising Australia campaign highlights the important work happening all around Australia – through this video series, you can meet the many different people driving our nation-building renewable energy projects, which includes some of the world’s largest infrastructure.

Video of Lucy from WestWind Energy talking about her job as an operator at the Golden Plains wind farm in Victoria.

Thinking about working in clean energy?

Taking family life to great new heights
Former FIFO mine worker Jarred Alsop says being able to pick up his kids from kinder has been one of the benefits of working above ground.
Which industry sector should I work in?
School-leavers or those looking for a career change can use our Careers Guide to find which sectors suit your skills and interests.

Nearly 40% of Australia's electricity generation now comes from&nbsp;renewable energy.