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Where industry meets and new ideas are born

The Clean Energy Council produces a multitude of specialised industry events, crafting exceptional educational and networking experiences, with around 19,000 delegates attending our events each year.

Our event programs feature expert speakers from all around Australia and the world, and our social functions are where clean energy industry leaders come together to share knowledge, solve problems and accelerate the clean energy transition.

Additionally, we stand ready to collaborate with you in partnering or hosting events to help you connect with the right industry audiences.


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Clean Energy Council membership offers you the chance to partner with our events and engage the thousands of delegates who attend our events each year. Make yourself heard and ensure your organisation is well placed to benefit from the growing clean energy industry. 
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Our events attract around 19,000 delegates each year. Here's what participants at Clean Energy Council events have to say.
It was an excellent crowd with just the right type of information to be shared amongst everybody
Laura Acklandiene RayGen
It’s great to see so many people so passionate about taking Australia to 100% renewables. The drive and the passion here is just really exciting.
Michael Brown Vestas
[The Australian Clean Energy Summit] is a place to put all our brains together and come up with great ideas and solutions.
Kate Lindsay RES
All the industry participants are here. It puts up a framework for going renewable.
Srivastav Saurav Engie

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