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Large-scale storage

Energy storage is the final piece of the clean energy puzzle to enable a 100% renewable grid.

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<p>Large-scale storage</p>

Building an affordable, clean and secure energy system

Energy storage technologies have a critical role to play in the development of an affordable, clean and secure energy system.
There remains substantial work to be done to modernise Australia’s energy rules to unlock the true potential of energy storage and allow it to fully participate in the market and bring the benefits of the technology to both the grid and consumers more broadly. Here are three ways we're helping storage grow in Australia.
01 Large-scale Storage

Designing the Capacity Investment Scheme

Private investment is essential for building the storage needed but investors are uncertain of returns. In collaboration with members and industry we helped design the Capacity Investment Scheme, which aims to decrease risk and accelerate investment in capacity and storage. It will also support our energy system to reach 82% renewables by 2030.

Capacity Investment Scheme
09 Dec 2022

Capacity Investment Scheme

The recent announcement from federal and state ministers of the Capacity Investment Scheme represents a major milestone for the decarbonisation of the NEM.
Expanded Capacity Investment Scheme Design Paper Submission
26 Mar 2024

Expanded Capacity Investment Scheme Design Paper Submission

Our submission on the Design paper for the expanded Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS).
02 Large-scale storage

Recruiting more engineers and electricians

With huge growth needed in large-scale storage, recruiting electricians, engineers and skilled workers is critical. 

Our Careers for Net Zero job fair and our Careers Guide are engaging the next generation of clean energy workers, and we're working with unions, governments and training organisations to unlock skilled migration and portable entitlements.

Careers for Net Zero

Careers for Net Zero

Find out about roles in the clean energy industry to plan your next career move.
Careers guide

Careers guide

Use our guide to discover all the clean energy industry roles and pathways on offer.
Careers for Net Zero QLD Roadshow
06 Aug 2024

Careers for Net Zero QLD Roadshow

The Careers for Net Zero QLD Roadshow will showcase the many career opportunities that will help deliver an equitable, prosperous and net zero emissions Australia.
03 Large-scale storage

Reforming market rules and processes

The electricity market wasn't designed with instantaneous capacity offered by Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in mind. We're proposing changes to how the market works to reward the benefits battery storage brings including shortening the current energy market settlement regime down to five minute increments and opening up Fast Frequency Response opportunities in the frequency control regime.


large-scale batteries under construction at the end of 2023


in new financial commitments 

The Large-scale Storage Directorate looks at issues relating to project development and operation; policies to support continued development of new and existing technologies; and the investment and technical challenges that surround integrating storage technologies into Australian energy markets.

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The majority of our policy work is developed with our Members in Directorates, with smaller working groups and committees tackling specific challenges.
Dr Nicholas Aberle

policy and advocacy

Meet the Director

Dr Nicholas Aberle Director, Energy Generation and Storage
I am excited to be bringing my skills and experience to the CEC at this critical juncture as the industry prepares to make ever-bigger strides forward.

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If your organisation is interested in large-scale storage developments in Australia, register now for these upcoming events.
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Australian Clean Energy Summit 2024

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Australian Large-Scale Solar & Storage Summit 2024

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