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Join the renewables boom with a career in clean energy.

Our Clean Energy Careers Guide provides a snapshot of the roles and careers that exist in the Australian clean energy sector.

The Guide is designed to help those interested in pursuing a career in clean energy to discover the roles on offer, and the steps they need to take to begin their clean energy career journey.

It highlights where the demand for certain skills or experience is high and where a critical or niche skills gap exists, and demystifies the pathways into a career in clean energy.

It also provides insight into emerging career opportunities in technologies such as electric vehicles, bioenergy, offshore wind and hydrogen.

The guide is separated into four sections

Careers by occupation and demand

View the typical occupations in the clean energy industry and the current demand for each job type.
Careers by occupation and demand

Careers by occupation type

People from many different fields are all crucial to accelerating Australia's clean energy transition.
Careers by occupation type

Careers by career pathway

Find out how to transition from another industry or gain the required qualifications through an educational institution.
Careers by career pathway


Australian workers are currently employed directly in the clean energy industry, and that number needs to grow.*


job-years in construction are needed to build our clean energy infrastructure pipeline to 2030.†


additional electricians will be needed by 2030 to support the transition to clean energy.‡

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